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Memory Foam 1900

Memory Foam 1900

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Multilayer Memory Foam Mattress 
Great quality Mattress delivered in 48 hours.

The Memory Foam 1900 is a comfortable mattress designed to support your body weight evenly and relieve pressure points, such as the hips, shoulders, and knees. It should also provide adequate support for your spine and promote proper alignment, whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side.

The materials used in the construction of the mattress can also affect its comfort level. For example, memory foam mattresses are known for their contouring and pressure-relieving properties, while innerspring mattresses may offer more bounce and support.

Ultimately, the best way to determine the comfort level of a mattress is to try it out for yourself. Many mattress companies offer sleep trials or return policies, allowing you to test the mattress in your own home and decide if it meets your comfort needs.


  • Mattress with medium-high firmness.
  • Total height of 21 cm.
  • Multilayer composition that complement each other to offer you the best sensation of rest.
  • VisComfort, viscoelastic layer that molds to the lines of your body.
  • FoamVital core that provides firmness and resistance to the set.
  • SoftTex fabric that provides elasticity, softness, high breathability, resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Double-sided DualSystem to enjoy the sensation of freshness in summer and warmth in winter. Triple protection system against mites, bacteria and fungi.
  • Your only concern should be your rest and that of those around you.
  • The mattress is delivered rolled and vacuum packed to transport the mattress in the most comfortable way.
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