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Luxury Firm King Mattress (Hybrid 7900)

Luxury Firm King Mattress (Hybrid 7900)

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Luxury King Mattress for a perfect night sleep.

Hybrid multilayer mattress with SpringCore pocket spring core, 30 cm high and SeparateMuv, ViscoCare+ & BreathSoft technologies.


  • Availability in all measures.
  • Medium firm mattress.
  • Total height of 30 cm.
  • Multilayer composition that complement each other to offer you the best sensation of rest.
  • SpringCore pocket spring core that provides firmness and greater breathability.
  • SeparateMuv technology that favors the independence of beds, so that no movement affects your rest while your spine remains correctly aligned.
  • ViscoCare+, viscoelastic layer that molds to the lines of your body.
  • BreathSoft fabric that provides elasticity, softness, high breathability, resistance and easy cleaning.
  • The mattress is delivered rolled and vacuum packed to transport the mattress in the most comfortable way.
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